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Brainstorm Boffins®

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Brainstorm Boffins®

In-School & Extracurricular Robotic STEAM Education Enrichment Programmes

Brainstorm Boffins® is a robotics, coding and STEAM Education programme offered in schools, extra-mural classes, clubs, and holiday activity centres to children from grade 4 to grade 12.

Our Robotics and STEAM enrichment programmes provide engaging, multidisciplinary education experiences for children. The fun activities combine robotics, coding and STEAM for a comprehensive education encounter. Programmable robots, including BoffinBots, are utilized for exploration, experimentation and creativity.

Brainstorm Boffins® Crews are presented with missions. Each mission is designed to develop 21st century skills such as Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking (the 4 C’s). 

Arduino UNO Kits
with textbook included
The complete Robotic STEAM education solution

BoffinBase® - Professional Development for Teachers

Brainstorm Boffins® provides teacher training courses and workshops in robotics, coding and STEAM Education.