BoffinBot – Box 2


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Box 2 is the start of assembling your little robot buddy that is attracted to certain colours, follows specific lines on the floor, roams around the house and can be driven remotely by you.

• 1x Arduino Sensor Shield v5.0
• 1x L298N DC Motor Driver Module (H-Bridge)
• 2x DC Gearbox Motor – Dual Shaft 3-6V
• 1x Rocker Switch
• 2x Rubber Wheels
• 1x Swivel Caster Wheel
• 1x Screwdriver + screw set
• 1x Black tape (20m)
• 1x Four battery box
Recommended 4x 14500 3.7v batteries
(Not included)

PowerBox Add-on

  • 1x Lithium Battery Charger
  • 4x 14500 Li-ion rechargeable 3.7V 800mAh batteries
  • 1x Adaptor (USA to SA) Plug
Box 2 options

Box 2 only, Box 2 + PowerBox