The Complete Robotic STEAM Education Solution

BoffinBot® by Brainstorm Boffins® is a new affordable, easy to use, and fun introduction to coding, electronics, and robotics. It is geared towards children ages 8 to 18, educators looking for an easy introduction to robotics, and parents keen to find something affordable but educational and fun. It is simple enough for beginners, while being feature-rich enough to be a must-have for roboticists. BoffinBot® is your chance to build your very own robot.

BoffinBot box kits contain robot components. Once you have completed box #1 to #3 you will have built a complete BoffinBot. Every kit also comes with a step-by-step guide and lesson activities. Those students who are not technologically savvy, will be able to follow as you assemble BoffinBot from box #1 through to box #3 with many helpful resources provided.

BoffinBot® Specifications

Build your own robot with the series of BoffinBot® Robot Boxes.  Starting with BoffinBot® Box 1 you will learn the basics of building a robot, circuits and code. BoffinBot® Box 2 you will begin to assemble your BoffinBot®, and increase your level of electronics and coding knowledge. Continue with BoffinBot® Box 3 and see your BoffinBot® come to life.     

The BoffinBot® brain is an Arduino UNO development board.

To write your own programs/code, plug it in via USB, install the Arduino software and try any of the dozens of example programs.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn to do with Boffinbot®:

  • How to build a robot
  • Arduino
  • Electronics, circuits, etc.
  • Coding
  • Line following
  • Object avoidance
  • Room navigation
  • Bluetooth Control via App
  • And much more…
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor (get distance from BoffinBot® to walls/objects)
  • Powered by 4xAA batteries (rechargeable or alkaline)
  • Infrared Sensors
  • LED’s
  • Motors
  • Resistors

Why choose BoffinBot:

  • Very well priced
  • Arduino Uno Beginner Textbook
  • Complete learning solution
  • Fun way to learn robotics & coding

Online Boffin Cosmos®

Boffin Cosmos® is an abundant knowledge centre where students who build a BoffinBot have exclusive access to how-to videos, knowledge bytes, additional lesson activities and projects as well as challenges and games.

Education Modules

BoffinBot Robotic STEAM Education modules cover distinct learning outcomes for grade 1 to grade 12 students. Respective teaching resources are available for each level.

The BoffinBot Robotic STEAM Education modules align to the Alphademia Education Digital Skills Curriculum ( requirements. BoffinBot aims to provide educators with a comprehensive and cost effective robotic STEAM learning mode to teach the digital skills curriculum.

Ultimately, the BoffinBot Robotic STEAM Education modules aim to have students achieve the acquisition and proficiency of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) skill sets.

Brainstorm Boffins® Robotic STEAM Curriculum outcomes are aligned to the Alphademia Education proprietary Digital Skills Curriculum.

Education Modules Skill Levels

  • Level 1 Entry Grades 1-2 (Ages 6-7)
  • Level 2 Fundamental Grades 3-5 (Ages 8-11)
  • Level 3 Intermediate Grades 6-8 (Ages 11-14)
  • Level 4 Intermediate Plus Grades 9-10 (Ages 14-16)
  • Level 5 Advanced Grades 11-12 (Ages 16-18)

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